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How an Esthetician Can Keep up with the Current Trends

Trends in the beauty world change on a regular basis. So an esthetician that does not keep up with the trends, will slowly become obsolete within their industry. Most professionals within the industry will state that the most important factor to keeping up with the trends is education.
Tips for Staying Current
The first step to take to ensure that you are staying on top of the trends within your industry is to actively participate in any and all course work and continuing education classes offered by your employer. Many larger salons will offer a specific program to allow you to advance through education. If you work for a smaller salon that does not offer these programs, begin to search for external education opportunities.
Some of the best educational resources include:
·         Industry trade shows- Attend the local shows and work to attend any major show that is feasible on an annual basis
·         Classroom demonstrations offered by vendors- Set a goal to participate at least quarterly
·         Style shows- Make sure that you attend local shows and when possible, travel to other areas of the country or the globe to view firsthand what the latest trends are in your industry
·         Trade publications- Subscribe and set aside time to review on a monthly basis
·         The latest in beauty manuals- Review and practice trends whenever you have the opportunity
·         Recent research published online or offline- Schedule time to read each month to stay current
Make an effort to educate yourself, even if your employer does provide some basic coursework options. Schedule time into your calendar to ensure that you complete these tasks. Not only will staying ahead of the trends enable you to avoid becoming obsolete, it will open the doors for you to advance.

By Neil Whitehall
Get Esthetician Jobs, Contributing Editor

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