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Will a Career as an Esthetician be Beautiful to You?

What beauty regimen does an esthetician perform? An esthetician is an individual who is professionally trained to specialize in skin care. An esthetician will provide clients with suggestions about types of makeup and application procedures, apply chemical peels, cleanse skin, suggest skin care products, examine clients skin, hair removal, facial massages, apply lotions or creams, sell make up, apply facials masks, apply facial peels, apply facial medicine, apply various facial treatments, and perform various other procedures.
What type of training is required to become an esthetician?
In order to become an esthetician, you are required to enroll in an esthetician education and training program. The length of these esthetician programs may vary depending on the type of program you enroll in. Upon completion of the esthetician program and training, you are required to sit for a final esthetician exam before you are permitted to begin your career or begin work in a professional setting as an esthetician. The final esthetician exam will test students on topics such as; facial cleansing, facial massages, facial therapies using light, facial masks, facial peels, make up application, sanitation procedures, hair removal procedures, among various other facial procedures. Esthetician education programs also instruct students on business skills, management skills, communication skills, and customer service skills to ensure success in every aspect of the workforce.
Is the income of an esthetician very pretty?
The income of an esthetician is known to vary. There are numerous factors that play a role in how much an esthetician will be compensated. For instance, the wages of an esthetician will vary depending on if the individual is self employed or employed at a salon, spa, or medical facility. If the individual becomes employed at a salon, spa, or medical facility it will then matter how the place of employment pays their employees. Some salons and spas work on a commission basis, while others choose to have their employees rent a space in the salon or spa. If the employee has to rent a space in the salon or spa, the employee will pay a monthly fee to the salon for rent, and will be responsible for products, material, and their own taxes. Being self employed or opening your own salon or spa is the most practical way to earn the highest wages possible.

By Neil Whitehall
Get Esthetician Jobs, Contributing Editor

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